To see a bullfight in Madrid. Madrid’s bullring.

  • Las Ventas Madrid
  • Bullring in Madrid
  • Bullring in Madrid
  • Las Ventas Madrid
  • Las Ventas Madrid
  • Las Ventas Madrid
  • Las Ventas Madrid

Madrid’s bullring is called Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, or more simply, “Las Ventas“. The best time to see a bullfight in Madrid is during the months of May and June. The world famous San Isidro Madrid’s bullfight festival takes place during these months and brings together the best fighters, bulls and spectators on vacations in Spain. There are fights every day during 20 days, starting in the evening.

Madrid’s bullring is an event in which special breed bulls fight in a series of acts in which tradition and convention are strictly observed. Madrid’s bullring is organized into 3 main stages, or tercios: tercio de picas, tercio de banderillas and tercio de matar. To see a bullfight in Madrid and Spain begins with the appearance of the bullfighters and the team of bullfighter’s assistants, preceded by two officials on horseback.

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What to do in Madrid. To see a bullfight in Madrid.

The first stage or tercio de picas: the objective is to determine bull’s bravery and to reduce its strength in order to fight it with the muleta (a red flannel cape with a stick inserted at the top).

The second stage or tercio de banderillas: in this stage the objective is to revive the bull without reducing its strength.

Las Ventas Madrid

The third stage, or tercio de matar, consists of two phases: the first is the preparation of the bull for its death using the muleta (colored darts), and the second the death of the bull by the final thrust of the sword. This is the most important stage of the bullfight.

Vacations in Spain. To see a bullfight in Madrid.

If you are on vacation in Spain and you are thinking about what to do in Madrid to see a bullfight in Madrid is a great choice. If you prefer to organise the Madrid’s bullring visit by yourself once you arrived in Madrid, tickets are sold at the Las Ventas bullring ticket offices from 10.00 until 14.00h for fights.

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