Vacations in Madrid. Madrid Royal Palace.

  • vacations in Madrid
  • vacations in Madrid
  • vacations in Madrid
  • The Royal Palace in Madrid
  • The Royal Palace in Madrid
  • The Royal Palace in Madrid
  • The Royal Palace in Madrid

The Palacio Real in Madrid, or Madrid Royal Palace, is Madrid’s largest building and possibly its most beautiful and famous to visit in your vacations in Madrid. It is located next to the amazing Plaza de Oriente square. For who are going to do Madrid sightseeing it interesting to know that Madrid’s Royal Palace is the largest royal palace in Western Europe.

Madrid Royal Palace itself contains furniture, tapestries, paintings and ceramics as well as other important works of art and frescos by Velázquez and Goya, making the palace one of Europe’s most important museums and receiving more than a million of visitors per year, a reference for people that are thinking how to spend holidays alone or in group.

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How to spend your holidays and vacations in Madrid alone.

Madrid Royal Palace open to the public almost every day except on the days of official ceremonies and receptions, although the public can only access to certain areas. It is located on Bailén street, and the nearest Metro station is Opera. Nowadays for whose are doing Madrid sightseeing and are spending vacations in Madrid can visit Madrid Royal Palace form Monday to Saturday from 9,30am to 5pm and Sundays or holidays from 9am to 2pm.

The Royal Palace in Madrid

Visit Madrid Royal Palace in your vacations in Madrid.

The incredibles palace gardens, called the Campo del Moro, are also worth visiting as well as the Orient square, in front of the Madrid Royal Palace. The Plaza de Oriente takes its name from its location, because it is located to the east side of the palace, and contains several sculptures of the precious Spanish monarchs.

Just across this beautiful plaza stands the Royal Theatre, another sight that you must not miss in your vacations in Madrid while doing Madrid sightseeing. That is the best way of how to spend holidays alone or in group in Madrid.

If you want to visit another historical location nex to the Royal Palace you can see the famous Catedral de la Almudena. For more information about Madrid Royal Palace and vacations in Madrid you can see more about Madrid sightseeing.

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