Best Halloween in Madrid 2013. Do not miss out!

Best Halloween in Madrid

Do you love Halloween party? Are you studying in Madrid and you do not know where the party is taking part? Here we are going to tell you where you can enjoy Halloween night in Madrid the most. Look for a good costume, call your friends and get some money, here we propose to you and your friends the best Halloween in Madrid.

Madrid’d Attractions Park Halloween party.

From now to the 3th of November you can go to Madrid’s Attractions Park to enjoy a great day in this thematic park, decorated with terror items, where you could visit four terrific attractions with a reasonable price, just 15,90 euros by online tickets.

These Halloween attractions are:

– “Space Nightmare” A space ship where you will find horrifying creatures of the future.

– “Fast Blood“, a restaurant where the menu is you.

– “Hell Door“, with the mythic terror characters

– “Juan sin Miedo’s Castle” more light and funny, even for kids.

You will find also some performances and shows in Madrid’s Attractions Park in Halloween, like “Bloody Grease“, “Voodoo” or “Zombie Stop” where you must run as fast as you can, because many zombies will follow you!

Best Halloween in Madrid 2013.

Cultural plans for Halloween in Madrid.

If you prefer a plan for Halloween in Madrid more relaxing and less terrific you can also have it. From October the 31th you can enjoy the Madrid Gothic Week, a cultural event, with exhibitions and many more.

The cultural associations Besarilia and Mentenebre present the 1st Neo-Symbolist Art Salon where will take part artistic proposals in an exhibition, based on the reinterpretation of the Symbolist iconography.

If you need accommodation in Madrid for a great Halloween night you have also some Horror Hotels in Madrid where you can stay and spend the most scary night ever.


Have a look and choose the best option to you! Enjoy Halloween 2013 as you know. Here you can see a video of Halloween to inspire you.

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