The three wise men night in Madrid.

New Year's Eve in Madrid

At the end of the year Madrid becomes marvellous and special, the Christmas lights have been switched on and the city is filled with a magical and bright atmosphere. Every corner is dressed in lights, colour and hapiness.

If you are travelling to Madrid in Christmas time and you want to enjoy the three wise men night in Madrid the most you can start by going to Plaza Mayor, where you can see the most popular Christmas market in Madrid, where you can buy figures for Nativity scenes, singular Christmas decorations, fancy dresses and even real Christmas trees.

If you are travelling for visiting the city with children you can go ice-skating to several squares where you will find temporary ice-skating rinks, such as Jacinto Benavente square, Plaza de España, Luna and Callao. If you are travelling to Madrid with children you can enjoy the free show called “Cortilandia” located between Preciados street and Arenal street, children love it!

From 6th to 9th December at Palacio de Cibeles you can enjoy Beefeater London Market. A piece of London in Madrid

The three wise men night in Madrid.

On the last day of the year the most popular race in Madrid is hold, called the San Silvestre, and it is for professionals and for not.

At night all eyes turn to Puerta del Sol, where everybody celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Madrid, being the epicentre of Spanish people and visitors. There is a tradition, you have to eat twelve grapes for good luck during the twelve strokes. Afterwards, everybody is living Madrid nightlife until late even until the following morning.

For ending New Year’s Eve in Madrid and starting best foot forward the New Year it is typicall Spanish to have chocolate con churros at San Ginés Café, in Arenal street, next to Puerta del Sol.

Last days of Christmas in Madrid.

For ending the festivities the three Kings are travelling to Madrid becoming one of the most popular Spanish’s traditions. The night of 5th of January is one of the most importants days of the year for kids. You can enjoy the Three Kings Parade float, that crosses the city center on January 5th for saying goodbye Christmas in Madrid.

Travelling to Madrid in Christmas time

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