Go shopping in Madrid. The Rastro Market Madrid.

  • The Rastro in Madrid
  • The Rastro in Madrid
  • The Rastro in Madrid
  • Madrid Rastro
  • Madrid Rastro
  • Madrid Rastro
  • Madrid Rastro
  • Madrid Rastro

Madrid’s largest open air flea market, “The Rastro Market Madrid” is held from 9am to 3pm in the historic centre of Madrid every Sunday to go shopping in Madrid on Sunday and also on public holidays, attracting as many locals as tourists, and offering a variety of products, both new and old.

If you do not know what to do on Sunday in Madrid go to the Rastro Market Madrid is the best choice of Madrid shopping on Sunday. If you go shopping in Madrid you must visit the Rastro Market Madrid because its tradition and fabulous environment on Sunday morning.

Go shopping in Madrid can be a great experience if you visit the Rastro Market Madrid. You can have the best tapas in Madrid.

What to do on Sunday in Madrid. Go to Rastro.

The Rastro Market Madrid is said to be the largest flea market in Europe with up to 3500 different stalls, it extends through several streets in one of the city’s oldest working-class neighborhoods.

Established in the Middle Ages, its hub is the Plaza de Cascorro. The main street is called Ribera de Curtidores street where you can go shopping in Madrid all along this famous street.

What to do on Sunday in Madrid… No doubt, at the Rastro Market Madrid there are bargains in everything from furniture to clothing, together with souvenirs and a wide range of other goods.

Antique shops also line the surrounding streets and remain open on Sundays to take advantage of the market’s lively crowds and wonderful atmosphere.

The Rastro in Madrid

Madrid shopping. The Rastro Market is fabulous to go shopping in Madrid on Sunday.

If you’re in the city between 9am and 3pm on Sundays or public holidays, go shopping in Mardrid at the Rastro is an experience not to be missed, although you should look out for your belongings, because the Rastro Market Madrid is a place notorious for its pickpockets.

When the stalls close in mid-afternoon and Madrid shopping and Go shopping in Madrid on Sunday come down you can join the crowds in the surrounding bars for some tapas and beer.

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